Support for the petition for Justice for Beatriz

Messages of support for Beatriz, her family and the women of Latin America. Relive the events related to the petition for justice.

Central American Feminist Meeting

Meeting of Activists towards the XV Feminist Encounter in Latin America and the Caribbean


Central America

Women's support, Baix Montseny

Demonstration in support of the petition for Justice for Beatriz by women in Catalonia



Vigil for Beatriz

Vigil held on the anniversary of Beatriz's death

October 18, 2022

El Salvador

Forum September 28

Meeting of Activists for Legal Abortion 

September 28, 2022

El Salvador

International day of global action for women's health

Presentation of video report and discussion on Beatriz and the right to women's health protection

May 30, 2022

El Salvador, virtual

Screening of the video report Justice for Beatriz.

Screening of video report in Cine Magaly

September 28, 2022

Costa Rica

Wall of support

💜 Beatriz escucha, esta es tu lucha. Ella alzó la voz en defensa de su vida y por el #DerechoADecidir de las mujeres en la región para que ninguna otra mujer repita su historia.

"no woman should be judged or punished or killed for having claimed her rights or asserting her sexual and reproductive health rights. This must stop because the enjoyment of safe abortion care or sexual and reproductive health care is not a frivolity but a legal and human right".

Women have the right to decide autonomously about our lives.

From #CostaRica we demand #JusticeForBeatriz ✊🏽

From Baix Montseny, #Catalonia demands #JusticeForBeatriz ✊🏽💚

#JusticiaParaBeatriz at the Meeting of Activists for Legal Abortion, 2022.

"Beatriz represents all girls, adolescents and women who fight for freedom, dignity, respect and social justice. Those who in the midst of fear and persecution, have the courage to raise their voices and fight for a world without violence #JusticiaParaBeatriz."

"To avoid similar cases, and to guarantee the human rights of women and girls, El Salvador must comply with its international obligations. Salvadoran authorities must guarantee access to sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health care, access to all methods of modern contraception and access to safe and legal abortion services, at least in cases where the pregnancy endangers the life or health of the woman or girl, when it is the result of rape or incest, or in cases of severe fetal malformation." See link

#JusticeForBeatriz #BeatrizWantedToLiveAndBeHappy!!!! 🌸🌼


"That Beatriz's voice is heard for the second time at the IACHR, a humble, young woman from a rural area, but with great internal strength, is good news for all Salvadoran women."

"Beatriz taught us that, even though it was her at the time, it could be my daughter, it could be my sister, my niece, my granddaughter, and it can be the daughters, sisters and granddaughters of all."

"Acts like Beatriz's simply cannot happen again and we are here with you accompanying you on this path for justice for her and for all."

"Beatriz gives us the opportunity (...) to focus a debate in countries where the absolute criminalization of abortion and institutionalized discrimination has irreparably impacted the lives of many women."

"There was a before and an after, because in this case Beatriz shows a face to the problems that at some point were raised but were seen very much in rhetoric, on paper."

"Their history, their process, their struggle, was a struggle that articulated the movement, and also articulated different spaces and organizations at the national and international level."

"Beatriz was the woman who dared to speak out, to ask for help, and to say 'I don't want to die, I want to live,' and that's one of the elements of this story that I like to remember and bring to account."


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